House/Pet/Baby sitter.


Hello Your Delivery SMA customers, my name is AZUL

My services are:

  • House-sitter
  • Pet-sitter
  • Baby-sitter


Taking care of your house while you are not here is a really hard situation! That is why I'm here. 

Period                                                               Cost

          1 hour - 24 hours                                            $800.00 pesos     

                        24 hours - 7 days                                             $750.00 pesos a day         

                 7 days - 1 month                                             $350.00 pesos  a day

                 Over 1 month                                                  $270.00 pesos  a day


 We all love our pets as part of our family, so don't worry, I love all kind of animals.

Period                                                        Cost

            24 hours                                                     $500.00 pesos


Babies! Little pieces of love! Enjoy without worrying about their security.

Period                                                          Cost

                              7 AM - 7 PM  (Day time)                                             $100.00 pesos per hour    

                                   7 PM - 7 AM  (Night time)                                          $150.00 pesos per hour         


Thank you very much

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Your Delivery SMA, San Miguel de Allende, GT 37700, MX

+52 415 167 01 87